TwoTwoFive training courses are run by highly experienced Oil and Gas Traders, each expert in their field.

Each course combines imaginative presentations with hands-on simulations that test your skill and knowledge against the pressures and opportunities of commodity trading environments.

TwoTwoFive courses can be delivered globally.

Our commodity courses have been developed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, allowing you to choose the trading course most suited to your level of knowledge and experience.

We believe that the best way to learn is through practical hands on experience, not through long tedious presentations

At TwoTwoFive we integrate our interactive lectures with a combination of educational tutorials and challenging simulations run on our sophisticated trading simulation platform to enhance your learning.

TwoTwoFive also provide bespoke solutions to recruitment screening, graduate induction and in-house business awareness courses.

Assessed and educational training courses have been delivered by TwoTwoFive in Europe, Asia and North America.

At TwoTwoFive our role doesn’t stop at the end of the course. We hope you’ll keep in touch and continue to seek our advice throughtout your career.

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