LNG Trading from Strategy to Practice


The course helps attendees meet the challenges of LNG Trading which is the most dynamic area of the fast growing LNG industry. Providing context of a market that is rapidly expanding, building an understanding of changing regional flows, building an understanding of traditional and unique hedging instruments and specialised contracts. The course is an innovative programme that utilises a revolutionary trading simulator that ensures practical hands on experience of ‘real market scenarios’ in a unique three day learning experience. It is an opportunity to expand your network by learning alongside candidates from various companies and backgrounds. This programme provides an outstanding solution through the combined efforts of facilitators drawing on their experience in Energy Trading, LNG consulting, brokerage and intelligence services.


After completion of this course you will understand:- Global LNG Market Developments; Mechanics of trading; LNG Trading Opportunities; Optimisation of LNG Storage and Shipping; Contractual procedures of LNG Trading; Risk management and forward curves; Managing LNG complexities; Advanced trading and pricing strategies.

  • LNG
  • USD $4,000
  • Singapore
  • Face-to-face

Dates available:

17 – 19 June 2019